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A Commitment To Our Community And Our Nurses

PS Someone Cares is a San Diego based 501 (c) (3) non-profit, that is changing lives by providing financial support scholarships to single parents who are attending nursing school.

The organization was created to address two serious needs in our community:

  1. Single parent households financial need of support to improve their lives
  2. Address the shortage of nurses required to meet our communities' needs

Twenty-five years ago, after my husband's death, I found myself struggling to provide for our four children. With the support of my local community, I was able to complete college and become a Registered Nurse. This provided me the financial opportunity to ensure our family was safe and had the means to continue with the loss of husband. It changed our lives in such a positive way, when we needed it most.

I made the commitment to one day repay the generosity that was bestowed upon our family. PS Someone Cares Cares is our quest to fulfill that commitment.

Peggy Seymour, Founder/CEO

Help us provide nursing scholarships for Single Parents!

Thank you to everyone who came out and made our Casino Night Fundraiser a success!

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